Under FAQ you can see the most frequently asked questions answered. If you have a question that has not been answered below, please contact us via email.

Is there an app for YouTube MP3 (YTMP3)?

No, there is no APP for our platform. But you can use our service on all common browsers!

Is there a limit to converting videos?

No. You can convert as many videos per day as you want. A maximum of 5 videos can be downloaded at the same time.

Sometimes a video takes a long time to convert. What can that be?

The length and quality of the video is crucial for the duration of the conversion. With longer videos, the conversion can sometimes take a few moments longer.

YTMP3 is not offered in my language. Can my language be added?

We are currently evaluating the origin data using Google Analytics. If we find that many visitors come from new countries, we add their language.

I try to convert the same video several times, but there is always an error, why?

Due to problems with YouTube, copyright guidelines or availability in your country, it may happen that we cannot convert the video. Please just try another video.

I would like to download videos as an MP4 file, is that possible?

We currently only offer the MP3 download. Over time, we will also make formats such as AVI, MP4 etc. available.